TSGR locomotives and rolling stock.

Linda0-4-0ST "Linda"

Current Status: In Service

Linda is the main steam workhorse of the railway, having provided many years of reliable service. Left to the club by the family of the late builder, she is based on one of the Hunslet ‘Penrhyn sisters’ residing at the Ffestiniog railway in North Wales with sister engine Blanche. Our "Linda" is modelled as the loco appeared in 1962 on delivery to the Ffestiniog railway after service on the Penrhyn Quarry Railway. The real Linda was rebuilt as a 2-4-0 a few years later.

BagnallBagnall 0-4-0ST "Big Ken"

Current Status: Under Overhaul

Due: 2019

Our Bagnall loco is based on a class of engine which was a common site in mines and quarries throughout the country. Named Big Ken after the late owner and club member Ken Tweddle. It boasts the loudest whistle in the fleet!

Preston0-6-0T "Preston"

Current Status: In Service

Named after the park it resides in, Preston was built in the railway's workshops over a period of 10 years and entered service in 2012. Preston’s design is based on No 14 "Caledonia" which runs on the 3ft gauge Isle of Mann Railway. A locomotive which is currently in service and dates back to 1885.

Ian HallClass 67 "Ian Hall"

Current Status: In Service

Built at the club between 2013 and 2014, our Class 67 was designed for hauling heavy loads. Named after our former and much missed club secretary Ian Hall. The loco is petrol electric, this means it is driven by electric motors, powered by a battery which is charged from a petrol engine driven alternator. The loco is based on a modern day diesel engine which can be seen on the national network, however our version is only single cabbed.


Current Status: In Service

Large electric engine with the appearance of an American diesel. One of the first engines to be built at the club. It has provided many years of service.

Planet0-4-0 "Planet"

Current Status: Unknown

Petrol hydraulic loco built for passenger haulage.

Emu0-4-0 "Emu"

Current Status: Under Overhaul

Currently being converted from battery to petrol power.

Hilda0-4-0ST Sweet William "Hilda"

Current Status: Operational

Although not resident at the railway, she can often be seen on passenger duties. Built in 1994 to the popular sweet william design, she was aquired by the current owner in a worn out dismantled state in 2017 and renovated. Named after the owner's Grand Mother.

Alex0-4-0 "Alex"

Current Status: In Service

Elecrric engine with 125 outline body. Recently converted to electric after having been petrol powered.