The Teesside Small Gauge Railway (TSGR) is a miniature railway located in the grounds of Preston Hall Museum, Stockton-On-Tees. It is run by volunteers, primarily with an interest in model engineering, but also devoting much effort to running trains for the public during the summer.

The TSGR was first formed in the early 90s by a group of hobbyists who wanted to make a running line for their locomotives and a workshop to build and maintain the locos. The line, however, was built with the public in mind and included a small station with a ticket office from the outset.

During the running season, passengers enjoy two laps around our large, horseshoe shaped, ground level running line and can enjoy seeing both the electric and steam trains in operation.

Note: Steam locomotives emit soot and small amounts of oil and water which may mark clothing.

The TSGR has a close relevance to the park’s interesting Victorian theme. Visitors can explore the late 1800’s based Victorian street at the museum then enjoy an exciting ride behind the working ‘Victorian steam technology’ locomotives on our railway. Both attractions have links to the newly industrialised Great Britain in the 1800’s.

The TSGR also lies near the route of the famous George Stephenson’s Stockton and Darlington Railway which has been made into a cycle path/walkway and can be found just yards away from our railway.